Board of Trustees

The UULMNJ Public Policy Network’s Board of Trustees consists of seven persons.  Trustees are members of a Member congregation, a religious professional serving a Member congregation, or a member of a Unitarian Universalist congregation who has denominational, organizational, legal, financial management, human resources, political, or fundraising expertise and has knowledge of the Member congregations..  All Trustees are limited to serving for no more than four consecutive years.

Executive Director

Rev. Craig Hirshberg came  to UULMNJ PPN in May 2011 with a wealth of experience in the pulpit and in the community. An ordained UU minister for the past 15 years, she was the founding minister at Somerset Hills and helped to build that church from the start to a thriving community of over 150 members. For the last six years Craig has been the Metro New York District Ministerial Settlement Representative and served the last four years as a District Adjunct Training Consultant.  Prior to becoming a UU Minister she worked for 16 years serving in local, metropolitan, national and international YMCA organizations. Immediately following college she was a community organizer in Akron, OH.

Annual Meeting

A Plenary meeting is held shall meet once per year with the members of the Board of Trustees and Policy Leaders.  The purpose of this annual meeting is for (1) ) a review of the year’s activities, (2) the election of Trustees, (3) adoption of a budget for the coming fiscal year, (4) setting of the broad priorities for the coming year, (5) adoption of the levels of support for congregational affiliation,  and (6) conducting any other business that the Board presents, or any other business that may come before it.


UULMNJ PPN membership is composed of the UU Congregations of New Jersey who have completed the Affiliation Agreement.

All New Jersey UU congregations are considered participants in the Network, and will receive periodic communications, invitations to events, and have the opportunity to affiliate at any time.

Individual participation is strongly encouraged and will include UUs within or outside the state or non-UUs who support the mission of the Ministry.


UULMNJ Public Policy Network
Board of Trustees 2014-2015


Name/Position Congregation/Affiliation Contact Information
Rev. Alison Miller, President Morristown president@uulmnjppn.org
, Vice President Summit vp@uulmnjppn.org
Lessie Culmer-Nier, Secretary Summit secretary@uulmnjppn.org
Bill Slezak, Treasurer Essex Co. treasurer@uulmnjppn.org
William Van Wyke Monmouth County
Amy Tiedemann Hunterdon County
Tom Moran Morristown
Rev. David Horst Paramus"